Re: ballistic subterranean trains

From: John Smart (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 17:29:11 MDT

Hi Damien,

The best transplanetary proposal I've seen to date is the following:

Salter, Robert, "Trans-Planetary Subway Systems: A Burgeoning Capability,"
RAND Study, P-6092, 1978.
Worth the $10. A breathtaking, incredibly energy efficient proposal. IIRC,
at 2 G accel/decel, the NY to LA nonstop takes 18 minutes. The system
recycles most of its energy in the braking. Superconductivity would be nice,
but isn't necessary. Chunnels can connect all the major continents,
including Australia. But will it arrive before the singularity? ;-)

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John Smart
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