Re: 1e6 advantage to the terrorists

From: Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 17:36:10 MDT

Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> > Who is a better person to tell? Your congressperson?
> > It feels safer, but face it, they'll "rat you out" in
> > a minute when the fbi asks for the source of the info.
> >
> > Bill Wattenburg? I was impressed by his website at:
> >
> Frankly, I don't much understand the concern about going public.
> Let's face it: if one of us is capable of thinking of it, so are
> hundreds of others, some of whom are bad guys. Perhaps they don't
> have the means or the will to carry it out, but I'm sure it's in
> the minds of at least one of them. There are already lots of
> known methods of doing lots of damage, so exposing one more isn't
> going to change anything drastically.
> I would just go straight to the fourth estate: your local news
> providers, talk shows, etc.

I honestly think this is irresponsible. Terrorists are not as creative as
Extropians. They may be putting lots of thought into the problem, but it
will be conventional thought. We should not be lending them our

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