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Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 19:05:42 MDT

At 08:57 AM 15/09/2001 -0700, Spike Jones wrote:

>How to deal with a nation that has no apparent targets worth
>the price of a single missile? I had an idea, one perhaps Greg
>Burch might comment on, he being a new student of Arab
>We have really good printing technology. We can print and
>bind books for almost nothing. How about if we print truckloads
>of korae, except each one with one altered verse? If we get
>clever, we could print a million of them, each with a different
>altered verse, bind them with pre-aged covers, so they could
>not be distinguished easily from the originals without reading
>the entire thing, carefully. If those get into circulation, print a
>new set with the old altered verse plus an additional altered verse.
>In each case these altered verses reverse the meaning of the original.
>I figure one cruise missile aimed at scorched and barren desert
>would cost about the same as one truckload of korae. spike

A lovely bit of lateral thinking Spike. :-)
I am tempted to shout a resounding "YES"... except for one little thing: we
are gonna need the Islamic people on our side for this one. Fucking with
their religion would move them from our side to the terrorists' side pretty

Remember, most Islamic people are peaceful, and as rational as any
Christian or Hindi...

But I gotta say I'm tickled by the unconventional angle.

We have some very smart people here. *Surely* we can think up a better
solution than sending millions of people to their deaths. If we can defuse
this situation and let the terrorists be their own undoing somehow, surely
that is a vastly superior win than blood-soaked revenge. War is long and
dirty, and in this case I am not convinced it is even winnable. There has
to be a better way.

Best wishes,

         - Miriam

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