Re: Another new offensive strategies

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 18:16:54 MDT

> > > Recall that denial and deception are as much a part of warfare
> > > as weapons. Denial and deception are seen in every species
> > > of animal that I know of. Let us be truthful with dealing with
> > > truth. When fighting a war, let us use every trick in the book.
> > > And invent new ones that are not in there yet.
> >
> Anders Sandberg wrote: I agree. ...The information loss from a
> single human death outweighs an enormous amount of lies. And I hope I
> didn't sound too much like a party pooper for you, Spike. I would dearly
> like to see some truly clever plan that leaves everybody standing in
> surprise and merriment...

There *must* be hordes in Afganistan and other oppressed places
that would dance for joy if the Talibn is overthrown, like the munchkins
when Dorothy dropped the mortgage on the WW of the W. For instance,
what of all the Afgan gays? They must be quietly terrified over there,
waiting waiting waiting for *someone* to come along and end the
nightmare. What about the women with some inkling of freedom?
What about the intellects? The nonreligious?

Seems to me that the thing we do so very well today is information
management. There should be some way to use our information
handling skills to rip away the veil of ignorance and oppression. I
just dont yet know how to get the message to them that there really
really are no houris waiting, that houris were invented by some cowardly
cleric to convince the young men to lay down their lives for a political
cause, while the clerics enjoy the *real* virgins at home in this life.
How do we break it to them? spike

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