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Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 21:00:12 MDT

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> Mike Lorrey <> Re: TERRORISM: looking for solutionsReply-To:
>"Holden, Steve" wrote:
>> >flying under control, just doesn't sound healthy, either. I
>> >would be more in favor of installing those low-power x-rays
>> >that can distally body-search people, perhaps programmed with
>> >software that would recognize knifelike and gunlike shapes,
>> There are numerous options in terms of non-lethal weapons: handheld lasers
>> that blind, tasers, etc.. Not to mention handgun rounds like shotshell, or
>> thin copper walls that have very minimal penetration.
>> To a free society, those options are preferred to what amounts to
>> strip-searching people who have done nothing wrong. Your solution puts the
>> onus on everyone. My solution focuses on the perpetrators.
>That's right, and firearms are not always detrimental to the integrity
>of the airframe. The use of fragmentary bullets is of immense value in
>this area, as well as extensive handgun training. If you can maintain
>near perfect scores on IPSC courses, then odds are you can act as a sky
>marshal with little danger to the safety of the aircraft or other
>passengers. You will nail the perps with every bullet, and every bullet
>will fragment inside the perp. Even if they are wearing a kevlar vest,
>all the bullet energy will hit them, knocking them on their asses and
>enabling them to be subdued.
For some fanatics, Allah is always the answer, regardless of the question; for others, firearms are.

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