TERRORISM: looking for solutions

From: Michael Wiik (mwiik@messagenet.com)
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 18:33:17 MDT

"Robert J. Bradbury" <bradbury@aeiveos.com> wrote:

> So, in memory of today's sad events I would like to challenge the
> members of the Extropian community to think long and hard about
> what ways might be used to create innovative solutions to
> terrorism that would increase trustability and personal security
> without imposing restrictions on freedoms

The attack has already made air travel safer. People on a plane that has
been hijacked must now and forevermore assume the plane will be used as
a cruise missile. No more 'stay calm and you wont get hurt'. This should
highly incentivize the passengers to rush the hijackers.

Hijacking for hostage-taking purposes seems no longer viable for any
individual or group. The ante has been raised considerably. Thus, so has
the difficulty of pulling something like this off ever again.

I feel safer already.


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