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From: Miriam English (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 20:42:53 MDT

At 06:06 PM 13/09/2001 -0400, Brian Phillips wrote:
><<Wouldn't it make more sense to build something like a park that can
>symbolise peace and commemorate the destruction there without being a
>future target?
>By all means build downwards, extending the basements...
> - Miriam>>
> Sitting here in the middle of the US military machine surrounded
>by people in uniform howling for blood (this is almost literally
>true) I have to say that it's far more likely that the US would
>invade Mecca, and use the Black Stone of the Kaaba as
>the starter for mortar dust in building World Trade II
>than the notion we would build a park there. It's the nature
>of the American pyschology to deliberately put up another
>target. Only bigger. And arm it to the teeth. World Trade II
>will likely be the tallest in the world. Wait and see...
>Americans love sequels....
> The main reaction here is very similar to the hotheads at
> . I don't condone this sort of thing...
>I think we brought it on ourselves by meddling and supporting
>the racist pigs in Tel Aviv anyway, but the mood is, as Will S.
>put it "Peace? Peace? I hate the word!". The idiot mob
>wants blood by the tankerful, the idealistic leadership sees an
>opportunity to repair the damage done by liberals to the military
>machine, and the cynics see mad bucks to be made. This is going
>to get ugly quick.
> Parks are not included.
> On a side note the USS Comfort is deploying to NYC.
>As Palestine celebrates publicly, Tel Aviv celebrates privately.

Sadly, I think your perceptions are correct. [sigh]
Looks like the singularity gets postponed.

The terrorists will win if they sucker the US into a war that can't be won.
It is like when USA waded knee-deep into Vietnam and pulled us dopey
Australians along with them; the flag-waving, aggressive belief that a
country of peasants couldn't possibly stand against the most powerful armed
force on the planet, only to be totally dumbfounded by the guerilla war --
an enemy that can't be pinned down to fight against, let alone sugically
excised... the frustrated, senseless atrocities that followed...

I hope USA has learned some restraint in the intervening years. I seriously
doubt Australia has.

         - Miriam

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