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> Remember the last time you developed a wild crush on another
> person? Perhaps you didn't even know why. She [or he] just
> did it to you for some strange reason, she simply knew how to
> tweak your knobs, she caused your testosterometer to peg.
> You may have behaved in odd ways that you yourself did
> not understand. I can easily imagine an uploaded mind
> missing that feeling, discovering that it couldnt go there, and
> wanting to.

Remember the last time Max More posted a message about this topic?

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Subject: Finding love in the brain

> Most studies of which parts of the brain are stimulated by emotions have
> focused on "negative" emotions, especially fear. But here are some results
> for love. Next time you're gazing at your sweetheart, you can say: "My
> darling, as I look into your eyes, I sense a surge in activity in my
> anterior cingulate cortex, middle insula and in parts of my putamen and
> caudate nucleus." :-)
> Max
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