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From: Dickey, Michael F (
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 12:22:07 MDT

I'm suggesting getting rid of public schools for private and letting the
>private school decide how to do its job. If you dont like a low cost, high
>volume school, dont go to it. You'll have a choice to go where ever you
>and can afford. Its the same point as to why it cost more now to hire a
>private full time tutor then go to private school. If you want to be cheap,
>send your kid to the K-mart version (as if those types of schools didn't
>already exist). I would expect the norm classroom size to stay about where
>it is and the cost of doing it to drop a good chunk with private industry
>doing it. Your choice here is McDonalds Hamburgers, eating at nice dinner
>Chilis retaurant, or Filet Mingon from an expensive restaurant. All options
>would be available!

"Of course the only real options would be available to the wealthy. The
of us would be relegated to sending our kids to the $.99 Store school. I
know that to some it seems only right that only the rich are entitled first
rate educations for their kids. To me, that just doesn't sit right.

The simple fact is that a welfare mother is not likely to be able to afford
to pay *anything* to educate her children. If public education is abandoned

the only alternative for the truly poor would be the school of hard knocks.

Again, that's the equivolent of saying "let them eat cake." Woe to all of
us if/when that day ever comes.


I strongly disagree with this. This is same argument that is always made
against new products 'Why make them, only the rich will get them' At one
point in time Automobiles, let alone choices in them, were confined to the
rich. Electricity was confined to the rich. Running water, waste
management, heat, etc. etc. etc were ALL, at one time, confined to the
rich. Competition and capitalism has brought ALL of these things within the
realm of the average person. You are basically saying 'Why privatize
schools, only the rich will benefit' this is completely and totally untrue.
Capitalism and competition by definition will make higher quality products
and services more available at continually decreasing prices. Capitalism is
the natural selection of goods and services.

Michael D

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