outloading again

From: Spike Jones (spike66@attglobal.net)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 00:01:57 MDT

The notion of outloading an uploaded mind may sound
like retrograde technology in a sense, but perhaps not.
Reminder: outloading is where nanomachines ride along
with a developing human embryo and arrange the developing
neurons and interconnections in such a way that the infant
is born with certain brain structures already in place, so it
would be born knowing some things as if by instinct.

Envision a post-singularity universe where the uploaded
minds can do all the things we would expect: they calculate
all manner of awe-inspiring things, play chess like demons,
arrange knowledge in new and wonderful ways.

But suppose we don't have the process perfected. Suppose
uploaded minds do not laugh and do not weep? Suppose the
uploads discover they do not fall in love? Then suppose they
want to. Outloading would be an attempt by a mechanical
mind to create a mortal flesh-world analog of itself, completely
non-destructively. It doesn't harm the upload to have an
outload of itself in existence, eh? The outloaded mind would
serve as a content provider, to help the uploaded mind try
to understand those mysterious feelings we humans get.

Remember the last time you developed a wild crush on another
person? Perhaps you didn't even know why. She [or he] just
did it to you for some strange reason, she simply knew how to
tweak your knobs, she caused your testosterometer to peg.
You may have behaved in odd ways that you yourself did
not understand. I can easily imagine an uploaded mind
missing that feeling, discovering that it couldnt go there, and
wanting to. spike

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