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From: John Grigg (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 16:46:19 MDT

Randy Smith wrote:
Have you heard anything about where it will be? I wonder if this is progressing at all? Maybe we all need to pay for it ourselves? If that is the case, I doubt anything will happen...

It has not yet been decided exactly where it will be. The website only says somewhere in the warmer southern climes of the United States. It even states snowstorms are not something they want to be worrying about!

The project IS progressing well. The Timeship is the brainchild of Saul Kent and his business partner Will Faloon. They are the founders and owners of the Life Extension Foundation, a multi-million dollar online health supplement company.

Saul and Will are going to spend $180 million dollars of their own money to pay for the construction of the Timeship!! These men mean business. :) Somehow, I can't envision the Timeship being built if it were dependant on donations from us! :(

So, no need for doubts. The Timeship according to Saul Kent will be finished within only seven years. And this is a man who can make it happen!

Fred Chamberlain, a senior Alcor officer, attended a conference about the Timeship and has written he is extremely impressed. He clearly sees this becoming a reality. Mr. Chamberlain's main concern is to see a ironclad contract negotiated with Saul Kent and his organization in regards to Alcor using the facility.

When completed we will have a magnificent beacon for the entire world to see. This will put cryonics and the life extension agenda on the map like never before!

best wishes,

John Grigg

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