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From: John Grigg (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 16:58:06 MDT

I wrote:
>Saul and Will are going to spend $180 million dollars >of their own money to pay for the construction of the >Timeship!! These men mean business. :)

E. Shaun Russell replied:
>Uh, sorry Griggsy, but unless you have some >phenomenally different insight into Timeship than I >do, the $180 million is not exclusively Saul and >Bill's money. Did you have a source for this?

I stand corrected! I read posts and newspaper articles alluding to the money coming from them. Obviously, they are smart businessmen who are also using OTHER peoples money. lol So, just how much of the cost is being covered by them? C'mon Shaun, you should be in the know! ;) The funding group I believe is called Stasis Inc.

I wrote:
> Saul and Will are going to spend $180 million dollars of their own
> money to pay for the construction of the Timeship!! These men mean

Eugene Leitl wrote:
>Excellent. How many megabucks/year is the operational >budget of that facility, and what is the business >model?

I have no idea on either question. I have learned there was a seminar on these issues which Fred Chamberlain attended, but such details have not yet come to my attention.

Eugene wrote:
If you're operating in a business that people consider pure cookery, you may not afford one thing: to look like one. Given that gigantic handicap, one would take great pains to appear extremely vanilla if not boring bland professional. Searching for arches on top of mount Ararat or building research facilities that look like a temple or a mandala does not make you look good.

Unless you are VERY confident that within ten or twenty years you will see your vision of technological progress validated. Then building something which would make a pharoah proud makes some sense.

And don't forget that some extremely successful men who are facing their mortality will want to leave a monument to themselves for the world to gape at.

Reason wrote:
>So: cart before horse. Societal engineering first, >then you'll have a society willing to build as many >timeships as you like.

This was already discussed on Cryonet. Many people there did wish the money were spent in a less spectacular, but possibly more productive way. Such as majorly creating and funding various anti-aging research clinics in various different locales, doing a longterm and nationwide marketing program, and upgrading existing cryonics organizations where they already are, etc.

But this obviously not what Saul Kent and Will Faloon wanted. Perhaps, they have an eye for marketing and spectacle which we sadly lack. We will see whether it is a boondoggle or the great leap forward.

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