Re: Openness to Unpopular Ideas

Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 14:42:49 MDT

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<< Well, at least a few people here hold these as goals. Uh, anybody
 besides me? I'm not hearing much endorsement of these ideals, and
 I'm getting a little worried.
 Lee Corbin >>
If Extropianism were defined merely as a Libertarian spin-off, then I would
get concerned. From what I understand, this in not so, although cool things
like free-enterprise investments are surely, a way to prime the technological

If one has defined goals, one should not spend all one's limited resources
propagating tertiary sub-goals, such as catering to the baddies. You
logically can if you wish to make allies of them. But then, that changes the
purported goals of the group, and I look rather silly under a white hood :-(
 I would be canceling outta here if I came to believe that Extropianism was
merely another wing of the Klan, or a propaganda cell of the Communist
Workers Movement. I would also warn other what had happened to Extropians.
This doesn't seem to be the case, though I do admitt I have a lower tolerence
then the ACLU does for "free speech"-more on that later.

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