Re: Openness to Unpopular Ideas

From: Charles D Hixson (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2001 - 11:49:55 MDT

On Saturday 04 August 2001 01:42 pm, you wrote:
> ...
> Extropians. This doesn't seem to be the case, though I do admitt
> I have a lower tolerence then the ACLU does for "free
> speech"-more on that later.
I beleive that this is based on a misunderstanding of the ACLU
position (though I must admit that they have taken some that I find
hard to defend, and ignored some things that I find strange). I
suspect that some of this is due to strategic thinking, i.e., "This
is a case that I can win, and winning cases makes me look strong.
Looking strong brings me more supporters, which makes me actually
stronger. So I'll take this case. OTOH, I'd probably loose that
case, and I don't want to look weak, so I'll skip that one."

When we evaluate someone (or group) totally on their ideology, we
tend to miss important features that shape their decisions. But
it's the ideology (i.e., ideals) that they want us to notice

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