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Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 14:20:31 MDT

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<< Allow me to substitute the word "Communist" for "racist" in Mitch's
 statements. It should be interesting to see the effect! >>

Lee, I have no problem with using Communists as the target bad-guys. Both
nazis and commies are utterly vile. I am paranoid about the Communist
Chinese, I have seen the pile of skulls from the Khmer Rouge, I understand
the 25 million died during Mao's Great Leap Backward, and I detest the
shit-encrusted rogue, who called himself Stalin. All these baddies had their
millions of willing supporters.

Sauce for the Soviet Goose is sauce for the Nazi gander. We can argue about
context, and we should at some point, but we need to be secure from both
White Racists, Black Racists, and or Commies. Propinquity!!

Communist thinking, from an economic point of view is hideous. From a
political point of view its horrid repression at best, and collective mass
murder typically.

I think now that we have drawn this line in the sad, and know what our
personal true-north is. I would prefer to get more people focused on the
esoteric subjects as covered by Hans Moravec, but everyone seems bored.


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