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Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 05:25:47 MDT

>From: "E. Shaun Russell" <>, Tue, 10 Jul 2001 13:54:44

>Congratulations to those of you who just chased another person off of the
>extropians list. Perhaps, if you're lucky, we'll wind up with only a few
>dozen with exact same ideas on everything. That would be wonderful,
>wouldn't it?

Sarcasm aside, at least the person who wrote Merriss was so overwhelmingly
uhmm.. uncivilized (?), that she had every right to say 'fuck off', after
the first word of his/her email.

>Frankly, I'm tired of seeing this happen. True, it isn't often as explicit
>as this case,

agreed.. Some of us weren't so lucky to have such an explicit email,
but we still had to face rude and inconsiderate communication
privately/professionally from a list member (which feels very abusive
if you already said I'M NOT INTERESTED three or four times over a very
long period of time).

Yes, it's indeed enough to scare you off of the list, to not want to
go to Extro meetings and so on, especially if you are the sort of person
who has no experience of being forcefully rude to someone, so that they'll
go away. Life is a great teacher, however.

Since I learned my own hard lessons of not bringing up the problem
of the offensive list member sooner to the Extro board, let me say
to any others here: If you are in a situation where someone on the
list is intruding in your private and/or professional life to cause
you distress, please tell Max, Natasha, E. Shaun and Greg Birch as
soon as possible.

If we can't put our own personal houses in order with care and respect
how can we hope to plant seeds that will take root elsewhere?


P.S. to Merriss: I hope that you alerted the Extro board
and told the writer of that message to 'fuck off'

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