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Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 08:46:40 MDT

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>agreed.. Some of us weren't so lucky to have such an explicit email,
>but we still had to face rude and inconsiderate communication
>privately/professionally from a list member (which feels very abusive
>if you already said I'M NOT INTERESTED three or four times over a very
>long period of time).
>Yes, it's indeed enough to scare you off of the list, to not want to
>go to Extro meetings and so on, especially if you are the sort of person
>who has no experience of being forcefully rude to someone, so that they'll
>go away. Life is a great teacher, however.

Something seems odd here. I've ruffled many feathers here and even
more on various newgroups. But I have *never* gotten a message
telling me to leave any group I'm on. I've never had rude communications,
even, or at least not that I remember (certainly not repeated). Is
this something that tends to happen to women (or maybe we just
have a misogynist on this list?)

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