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Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 08:02:24 MDT

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> Take a look at this: A small sign of gathering opposition to
> collectivist,
> statist and stasist ideas in the political marketplace:

One of their most interesting goals to me is this one: "Libertarian
Outreach: We hope to help out in the current drought of libertarian ideas on
college campuses and in popular culture."

I think there's an even greater drought on highschool campuses.

I've corresponded (via email) with several highschool students from the US
and Canada who are aware that the options presented to them in their
classrooms are more limited than necessary, but they don't know where to
turn for more inspiring guidance. I've thought of trying to do some sort of
interactive web site for these people (with the input of my 16 year old
daughter, my 17 year old nephew, and their friends).

I'd welcome any suggestions on content.


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