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Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 07:41:33 MDT

Everitt Mickey wrote:
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> Subject: Planets, materials, Oil reserves & permaculture
> ><snip>.........on Neptune That is the current theory on why it radiates
> >2.6x as much heat as it receives from the sun ......<snip>
> Curious.
> The other day I read on James P. Hogan's Bulletin Board that Venus radiated
> 40 times the heat IT received from the sun.....and now Neptune is a net
> producer as well......
> Things are just weird...

Is this that Hogan guy who buys into Velikovsky's BS? According to Foggs
_Terraforming: Engineering Terrestrial Environments_ Venus reflect 70%
of the liht hitting it, with, as I recall 90% of the remainder being
retained by the greenhouse system there. I'll go dig up the book outta
my Jeep and get some better data...

Now, any excess heat a planet radiates above that which it receives from
the sun is obviously a result of it turning its angular velocity to heat
through vulcanism in Venus's case (it doesn't have much angular
velocity, having a retrograde day of some 240 earth days) and through
convection in the case of Neptune. Unless you think there are Helium3
people living on Neptune fusing hydrogen for energy...


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