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> Is this that Hogan guy who buys into Velikovsky's BS?

Yup...same guy...

 According to Foggs
> _Terraforming: Engineering Terrestrial Environments_ Venus reflect 70%
> of the liht hitting it, with, as I recall 90% of the remainder being
> retained by the greenhouse system there. I'll go dig up the book outta
> my Jeep and get some better data...

That would appear to make it difficult to come up with enough energy to cause
a surface tempeture high enough to "melt lead" then?
> Now, any excess heat a planet radiates above that which it receives from
> the sun is obviously a result of it turning its angular velocity to heat
> through vulcanism in Venus's case (it doesn't have much angular
> velocity, having a retrograde day of some 240 earth days) and through
> convection in the case of Neptune. Unless you think there are Helium3
> people living on Neptune fusing hydrogen for energy...
> --

Helium3 on Venus doesn't seem real probable does it?'s the reference.....

"Venus irradiates forty times more energy than it receives from the Sun, as
is indicated by the data from Magellan Sonde between 1990 and 1994 (Broad,
W.J. 1996, "Venus's remade face offers hints of cataclysm: Earth's twin
planet, with its surface radically remade by inner heat, is no twin after
all" in New York Times/Science Times, 16 July, 1996). "

Bloomington Ill

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