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Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 11:18:59 MDT

On Saturday, August 12, 2000 5:35 AM Greg Burch wrote:
> Take a look at this: A small sign of gathering opposition to collectivist,
> statist and stasist ideas in the political marketplace:

The site says that this all came down on 2000 July 30. I did not hear
anything about it in the news, so it's a very small sign...

In the early 1990s in Perth Amboy, NJ, several people and I signed a
document declaring our stance against regulations and taxation and for free
markets and it only made a local splash -- probably, mostly, because we knew
some people who worked for the local papers AND we also published a
newsletter, _Laissez-nous faire!_, that was distributed locally. Needless
to say, not much ever came of it. Taxes and regulations continued and even

Daniel Ust

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