Re: Steven King's other stuff/was the plant

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 22:45:26 MDT

> > Good, Everitt, then you are the man to ask: there was a LL novel
> > called Haunted Mesa. My question: did Lamour write it?>
> wrote: Yup...he did...
> It was almost a SF novel as a matter of fact. It could be interpreted as
> alternate reality or multiple universe...

Reason: my wifes grandfather, her father and her brother all read every
LAmour book, and loved them all, except they all hated Haunted Mesa.
In an effort to be a part of the family, I tried to read a LAmour book,
hated it. Tried another, put it down, couldn't pick it back up. Then
I reasoned, if they hated Haunted Mesa, perhaps I would like it. Well,
it was silly, but far less so than the westerns. Actually it had its moments,
if one is in the mood for that sorta thing. spike

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