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Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 00:36:25 MDT

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> Good, Everitt, then you are the man to ask: there was a LL novel
> called Haunted Mesa. My question: did Lamour write it?
> If you tell me he did, I will resurrect my software I wrote back
> in college and recently worked that analyses the frequency of
> first-time use of a word, eliminating names. It is a tool to help
> detect the use of ghost writers. spike

Yup...he did...

It was almost a SF novel as a matter of fact. It could be interpreted as
alternate reality or multiple universe......i beleive it was a sequel to an
earlier novel called "californio's" or some such......

I dunno if it was ghost written though...never thought of it.....

Jeffersonville Ohio

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