Re: Concorde Down

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 23:17:14 MDT wrote:

> <> I understand why the engines have to be in closed nacelles tucked in
> tightly to the body and wing, but why not on TOP of the wing, where debris
> from an exploding tire wouldn't be a problem?

A few reasons come to mind. The intake has access to less turbulent
air {and so higher pressure} if they are below the wing, and secondly
having the engines above the wing would raise the center of gravity, which
is bad for stability. Further, if the center of thrust were above the center
of pressure, then getting on the gas would push the nose down instead
of up. The way it is, a pilot can control the aircraft in a hydraulics-out
sitch to a certain extent as was demonstrated by the pilot in the Sioux City
crash a few years ago.

The high mounted engines would still be vulnerable to exploding tires,
perhaps less so. Rubber frags would be thrown forward and ingested by
the screaming engines on takeoff.

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