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From: Alex Future Bokov (alexboko@umich.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 20:31:34 MDT

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Oh, now you got me started...

There really are just two organizational questions we need to solve.
Everything else will happen naturally.

1. Given a physically scattered but highly networked pool of volunteers
   how do you subdivide the workload into well-documented, bite sized
   chunks that each individual can handle in their spare time? How do
   you coordinate such a project so that it can handle sudden growth?
   Put another way, how can we learn from the success of SETI@home in
   coordinating large social and political efforts outside the realm of
   software and data-crunching.

2. We have to understand very thoroughly why some distributed projects
   are interesting enough to motivate volunteers/participants, and
   others aren't. Might as well start collecting data right now. Please
   respond to this message with your experiences with projects that you
   never go into, and projects that gripped you and fascinated you.
   Give us your best guess as to what they did right and what they did

   For the purposes of the above question, this request for testimonials
   counts as such a project.

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