>H Re: How do we make transhumanism practical?

From: Alex Future Bokov (alexboko@umich.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 20:51:26 MDT

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...wow, I think you just provoked me to *write* the seed draft of a
transhumanist organizing manual...

> 4. What are the past successes and failures of
transhumanism/extropianism which we can learn from?

Everytime we work together to turn thoughts and email into palpable reality is
a success. Everytime we don't repeat the mistakes of unenlightened society--
rigid control, centralization, inertia-- is a success. Every favourable mention
in mass media is a resounding success. Ever unfavourable mention in mass media
is a partial success. Everytime you trust a stranger or better yet, a group
of strangers, and everything works out just fine without you gripping the
reins white-knuckled is a success.

Everytime we fight amongst ourselves instead of debating amongst ourselves is
a failure. Every time someone wins a flame war instead of the flamewar being
diffused with preservation of dignity all around is a failure. Everytime a
promising project fades away into neglect because the person who started it
felt burned out and had nobody nearby to hand it off to is a failure. Whenever
lack of communication or "not made here" syndrome causes us to duplicate
someone else's labor instead of adding to it is a failure. Everytime someone
comes up with a concrete project, and is met with resounding indifference--
not even so much as one constructive criticism-- is a failure.

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