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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 20:46:52 MDT

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...and I'm still not done...

In my town, there is an annual event called the Naked Mile. You might
have heard about it. It's when the entire police force, and every
University of Michigan bureaucrat stand by, powerless to stop a torrent
of screaming college kids from running naked through the streets on the
last night of the school year. I have my own tradition for Naked Mile
(besides running, which I of course also do).

I buy all the water pistols I can afford at the local supermarket.
We're talking about obscene amounts of firepower here, people.
Carfulls. I then give these water pistols to fellow runners as
self-defense against perverts with cameras and perverts who try to
grope them.

Now imagine the amount of persuading it would take to get a complete
stranger on the street merely to accept a free water pistol from you.
They'd look at you like you're insane and move on. Forget about
convincing them to run naked while brandishing the water pistol. Let
alone hundreds of them doing this at the same time. Yet here we were,
running, dousing expensive video equipment, with the crowd cheering
them on. Beautiful women who wouldn't give me the time of day
normally, gratefully accepting my water pistols. They even intuitively
understood what they were for, I didn't have to explain.

In short, I picked favorable initial conditions, tweaked them just a
little, and breathtaking results ensued. The tweaking part is important,
because all the dynamic optimism in the world wouldn't cause water-pistols
to appear in naked people's hands while I sat at home doing nothing.

If only I was always so good at spotting favourable conditions and coming
up with just the right tweak. Give me a sufficiently long lever....

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