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I agree. Those two stickers are absolutely not in conflict.
I personally am a Democrat (voted for Clinton.)
Though I'm not an NRA member, and, in fact, don't own a gun, I would fight
for the right to bear arms.
Similarly, I'm pro-Choice, even though I'm not a female. In fact, I'm
anti-Life.. If a woman wants to keep her child, that's her perogative. =)

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> > Kind of reminds me of a truck I saw in the US with two stickers on it.
> > first one said "member of the NRA", the second said "support Clinton/
> Gore".
> >
> > Unfortunately it could also be an illustration of the same
> > errors that some transhumans commit.
> >
> I like that guy!! That's NOT neccesarily an error, it simply is
> contradictory. He absolutely correct in his own convictions. Perhaps he is
> avidly against religion in the school - but likes the economy since the
> democrats are in power - and maybe he even supports socialized medicine -
> while still being a staunch believer in right to bear arms! Hey, maybe
> my uncle... an American Indian, he wants to keep his land rights AND his
> guns!
> "The capacity to tolerate complexity and welcome contradiction,
> the need for simplicity and certainty, is the attribute of an explorer"
> --Heinz R. Pagels, Perfect Symmetry
> Personally, I applaud people who have their OWN opinions on individual
> IT is perfectly OK to blatantly disagree with your party's platforms on
> issues. I think it more productive, since the party will listen more to
> own -- than to a bunch of non-thinking party liners who are destructive.
> Most of the Bush supporters also think prayer in the schools should be
> restored too, Will you accuse someone of the same crap if they had a Bush
> sticker and an atheist one?
> Surely you must.
> I hate when people follow a party lines on every single issue (whatever
> it is) especially those claiming to espouse individualism. Blechhhhhhhh
> PS: For the record, I think Tipler is a crack-pot along the lines of
> Sheldrake.

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