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> Kind of reminds me of a truck I saw in the US with two stickers on it. The
> first one said "member of the NRA", the second said "support Clinton/
> Unfortunately it could also be an illustration of the same philosophical
> errors that some transhumans commit.

I like that guy!! That's NOT neccesarily an error, it simply is
contradictory. He absolutely correct in his own convictions. Perhaps he is
avidly against religion in the school - but likes the economy since the
democrats are in power - and maybe he even supports socialized medicine -
while still being a staunch believer in right to bear arms! Hey, maybe he's
my uncle... an American Indian, he wants to keep his land rights AND his

        "The capacity to tolerate complexity and welcome contradiction, not
the need for simplicity and certainty, is the attribute of an explorer"
            --Heinz R. Pagels, Perfect Symmetry

Personally, I applaud people who have their OWN opinions on individual issues.

IT is perfectly OK to blatantly disagree with your party's platforms on some
issues. I think it more productive, since the party will listen more to it's
own -- than to a bunch of non-thinking party liners who are destructive.

Most of the Bush supporters also think prayer in the schools should be
restored too, Will you accuse someone of the same crap if they had a Bush
sticker and an atheist one?
Surely you must.

I hate when people follow a party lines on every single issue (whatever party
it is) especially those claiming to espouse individualism. Blechhhhhhhh

PS: For the record, I think Tipler is a crack-pot along the lines of Rupert

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