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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 13:35:58 MDT

"Waldemar Ingdahl" <> Wrote on
Fri, 07 Jul 2000 19:32:12 CEST

>OK, good to see that their attitude has towards extropianism
has improved, at least.<

I didn't notice any specific attitude or interpretation of extropy
while being interviewed by two entirely different Italian periodicals.
What I did notice was a sincere curiosity about the future of
humanity and an intrigue about the aesthetics of the future.

>Transhumanism often falls into the trap of discussing VERY remote
technologies, while completely neglecting the present. (snip)<

Frank Tipler has never been my personal transhumanist Guru.
Immortality is not just about physics, although his ideas are
certainly worth reading and learning about. Placing too much
emphasis on technology and not enough emphasis on cultural change
may paint us into a corner. I think it would be far reaching
to develop the skills to implement change to get us to the future.

>Note that Italy appreciated so much, during ' 60, the french
>philosopher Teilhard de Chardin and his omega-point-human-deity

>Hmm, Sartre was also loved in Italy in the '60s. It was a very
open time.<

And, influenced by Fellini and Herman Hesse, not to mention vino.
 I Can't imagine there not being some hippies hanging out in
Florence appreciating the scenery.


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