Mother Goose Prophecies

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 08:06:16 MDT

 John M Grigg <> Wrote:

>according to both Mormon and evangelical scriptural interpretation we WILL
>be seeing this sort of nightmarish conflict happen. So, the worst is yet to come
>if these views are correct. And the "miracle" technologies of AI, nanotech and
>biotech may also fulfill other Bibical prophecies.

The trouble with Biblical prophecies is that the "predictions" only work after the event
happened not before. I must say that retroactive prediction seem rather pointless to
me. That vastly overrated book is so full of archaic ideas, unfamiliar language,
vague allusions, and silly stories and the hunt for hidden meaning is so intense that
you can find any prediction you want if you read between the lines with enough
imagination. It's like seeing familiar faces in cloud formations. I'm sure that if
you studied Mother Goose deeply enough you could find some convoluted argument
that "predicted" president Kennedy would be assassinated on November 22 1963.
Mother Goose would be more fun to read too.

> A part of me hopes I am wrong and these things are not bound to happen.

Only a part?

>I don't claim that God will force humanity to nuke itself, but being divine can simply
>see what we will do to each other when left to our own devices.

Then God really screwed up. If God made us and we don't meet his specifications then
He has nobody to blame but himself. God's a prick too, if I saw a child walking toward
the edge of a cliff I'd stop him, especially if I was the father.

                John K Clark

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