Re: Mother Goose Prophecies

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 10:57:11 MDT

John Clark has written,
>That vastly overrated book is so full of archaic ideas, unfamiliar language,
>vague allusions, and silly stories and the hunt for hidden meaning is so
intense that
>you can find any prediction you want if you read between the lines with enough
>imagination. It's like seeing familiar faces in cloud formations.

I couldn't get past the Introduction, where that vastly overrated book claims
"gold plates" as its source. It also refers to these as "sheets of metal,"
"metal record plates," and "Plates of Brass." So, whatever happened to these
mythical "metal plates"? Why, "the messenger called for them... and he has them
in his charge until this day." How convenient! This leaves the dispassionate
observer with absolutely no evidence to contradict an intuition that the entire
Book sprang from the fevered brain of a misfit.
This vastly overrated book has nothing to do with extropy, and everything to do
with wasting paper, ink, and other resources, including the minds of children
and the bandwidth of the Net.

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