Re: Mother Goose Prophecies

Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 19:47:30 MDT

Fair Critique, but lets train the same skeptical eye upon how Skeptic and
Skeptical Enquirer might view Extropianism and TransHumanism. It should give
us all a moments pause.

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<< This points to a general problem with debunking ju-ju: There's no money in
 it. Aside from CSICOP and their magazine the Skeptical Inquirer and and few
 books, there is no real forum for dubunking and very little SYSTEMATIC
 checking of "prophecies" and other clap-trap. Systematically collecting,
 checking the claims of "prophets" and "psychics" and publicizing the
 would be a hugely expensive and difficult undertaking. Worse, sensible
 people know that there isn't any good that comes from such an endeavor other
 than the frustrating one of trying to stem the tide of irrationality in the
 world. >>

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