Limbic/Neocortical conflict

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:02:33 +0100

>Just the idea that somebody can (or wants to)
>stay out of the socio-emotional carousel most others are into seems to
>be unsettling. I think it is quite closely related to how many people
>react to transhumanist sentiments; we question things that are taken
>for granted, and that suddenly makes them less certain which in turn
>is unsettling. Hence the reactions trying to "normalize" the person.

I notice this everyday. It seems that I am in an extreme minority in that I determine the source of "my" inputs (primal instinct or impartial logic) before acting. I note that others tend not to be concerned with the source of their thoughts. For instance, we will all, upon meeting a new person, receive tons of input from our primal systems, ranking them in terms of social fitness, dominance potential etc.. I'm constanly ticking off my girlfriend for launching knee-jerk veiled personal attacks on others in direct response to a bad "social-emotional" appraisal. "He's a total geek...." etc.
It's time to get buddhist, man *puff*.....let's loooove one another, man.....
In short, to hell with the monkey within, this traditional sense that "following your heart" is the way to be "good" is a total sack of bull, just the opposite is true. The monkey acts as judge, jury and executioner. So veto those knee-jerk reactions and nicer thee shall be....

End of Sermon.

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