Re: Controlling the male sex drive

Anders Sandberg (
28 Jun 1999 16:41:25 +0200

Brian Atkins <> writes:

> This intense peer-pressure to have sex (found amazingly enough
> even on this list) gets old real fast. It's great when it falls
> into your life, but I don't see the need to push it like that.

Yes, it is interesting to note that people tend to get more surprised/upset if someone says he or she is asexual than if he or she says he is homosexual. Just the idea that somebody can (or wants to) stay out of the socio-emotional carousel most others are into seems to be unsettling. I think it is quite closely related to how many people react to transhumanist sentiments; we question things that are taken for granted, and that suddenly makes them less certain which in turn is unsettling. Hence the reactions trying to "normalize" the person.

Asex pride? :-)

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