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> dwayne wrote:
> > "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> > >
> > > dwayne wrote:
> > > >
> > > > My neighbours don't have guns. No one I know has a gun. I live in a
> > > > country where guns are banned. I like it here. I think anyone who wants
> > > > to live in a country where everyone has guns is mad.
> > >
> > > So said the sheep to the mountain goat. You do know policemen? Military personnel?
> > > Your government representatives? They all have guns, and are in a position to tell
> > > you how you can live your life. You have no guns, and therefore cannot resist what
> > > they tell you. There is one word to describe such a society: fascism.
> >
> > Jesus what a load of something I'm not allowed to mention.
> >
> > So tell me, Mr Superman Lorrey with your World Famous LorreyDrive: how
> > the hell do YOU with your Big! Manly! Testosterone-Oozing! Guns! plan to
> > keep the government at bay? Do you brazenly watch kiddie snuff porn and
> > ingest drugs while listening to Hakim Bey read the communist manifesto,
> > proud and secure in your knowledge that you can keep these dastardly
> > forces of oppression from the door?
> >
> > This is so much complete toss. you maniacs rant and rave about freedom!
> > and liberty! and strength! and yet you are under the thumb of the
> > country which imprisons more of it's own than everyone else aside from
> > Russia, and you are scheduled to pass that figure in October.
> Apparently only you and the "calm, reasonable, and rational" Mr. Dees are the only ones
> who have descended to ranting and raving here.
Yes, the Mike& Mark Show's definition of calm and reasoned rationality is whatever it is that THEY do, be it mischaracterization, substituting straw X for the Y under discussion, and even blatant bald-faced LYING, both to and about others.
> > So I ask you again: how have *your* guns prevented government
> > oppression? How *will* your guns prevent government oppression. do you
> > really think you have enough firepower to hold off a military force?
> > Sure the swiss own guns, but they have military weapons: you guys don't.
> Of course we do. The "assault weapons" ban was pure fluff, and it did not outlaw any
> guns that were not already in private ownership. It just takes a little longer to get
> fully automatic stuff, but it can be gotten by any law abiding citizen, along with
> mortars and other fun stuff. I have a group of freinds who hold what they call "AK days"
> on occasion.
And what anti-government militia do they belong to? Do the dream of forming a new chapter of "The Order?" I'm certain that your and their Ramboesque delusions of grandeur will, if acted out, result in nothing more that certainly y'all, and most probably a number of innocent citizenry, getting blown away, but hey! if you feel you must copycat Klebold & Harris with the feds playing the part of Columbine High, then go for it. It's better to have such a senseless slaughter behind us than ahead of us.
> >
> > > > No one needs to have weapons to kill people at a distance. The only
> > > > reason to have them is to protect yourself from people who have them.
> > > > Argh, shit, I'm being sucked into this stupid argument again!
> > >
> > > Its a matter of you refusing to acknowledge your own blind spots. Who protects you
> > > from the government?
> >
> > The laws, the army and the police. What on earth makes you think that
> > we could hold off the govt? Do you think you and your gun-totin' mates
> > can hold of yours?
> We do.
An alligator mouth joined to a hummingbird ass is not a stable amalgamation.


> > > From the criminals who do not obey your laws against gun
> > > ownership?
> >
> > Um, what makes you think that criminals would defend the people against
> > the govt? Or are you engaging in yet more sophistry?
> Your reading comprehension is dropping again.
Your IQ must have lost 161 points recently.

> > If it comes down to having to build weapons to defend myself from the
> > govt, I can assure you I will build something a hell of a lot more
> > powerful than a rifle, because I'm aware of something you seem to be
> > ignorant of: rifles won't stop tanks and fighter aircraft. Until then I
> > will quite happily live in my safe, peaceful, disarmed community.
> Tell that to the Vietnamese. Small arms brought down quite a number of jet aircraft in
> that war. As for tanks, they are nothing a little fertilizer and oil cannot stop.
Anothe ANFO fool with Tim McVeigh dreams. Go worship at the feet of William Pierce.
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