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> >Finally, a personal note. I regret that this temporary action is
> >necessary, do not relish whatever controversy it may cause and
> >sincerely hope that this episode will not establish any precedent
> >for future list governance. (Those familiar with Roman history
> >should consider the figure of Cincinatus as the only guide to
> >which I will look in this brief interlude.)
> A web search didn't yield anything interesting on Cincinatus,
> please elaborate...
> Oboy!, storytime....storytime.....

Cincinatus was the gentleman farmer who was one of Rome's greatest generals. He saved Rome from the Aequians, serving as Roman Emperor for a total of 16 days, then resigning and went back to his farm. He was venerated by the US founders, and George Washington was often compared to him, and the legend of Cincinatus has contributed greatly to our tradition of the citizen soldier. The city of Cincinnati was founded by the members of the Society of the Cincinatti, which was founded by George Washington when his generals tried to urge him to seek a third term as President. He made them all swear to always be subservient to civilian authority, to not crave power, etc... As I recall the Society remains today as a fraternal order of US General Officers... a good page...:


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