Re: Yeah, guns and guns and guns and guns

Mark Phillips (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 18:33:27 CDT

Now, now, guys; aren't y'all gittin' a bit "flamy" here (NOT to say light in the loafers!! ha ha) Seriously, Joe, you need to calm the rhetoric DOWN a little. I, too, generally sympathize with (most, anyway) of what MIke, Mark, Brian & other "gun-nuts" (note the hell outta the scare-quotes) have argued. Yet *I* don't advocate that the really, truly psycho should be able to access/possess guns (or any other lethal weapon(s) for that matter). Kids, though, are, at least to some extent, a gray area (and always have been, especially in libertarianism(s)). Can a 14-yr. old (or even, say 13-yr. old or 12-yr. old) have, say a .22 hunting rifle. I say (at tentatively) YES! (The 14-yr., that is---I'm still all the more ambivalent about the younger ages). But can a 14-yr. old rightly pack concealed 9mm heat down Main St. Tentatively, I say NO--s/he's not mature enough; but I'm open to persuasion otherwise.

But I still agree with your (Joe's) position(s) at the principle level, it's the pragmatic implementation that troubles me in some contexts. So, again, I seem to sympathize/agree with all of the (personages) above. So what's up? Where's the beef? Can't we all just get all??

Just some rif-ruminations on this particular rif of yours.

Best to all!


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