Re: Shooting of Japanese student did happen

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> In a message dated 6/8/99 2:14:32 AM, you wrote:
> >(please note, I'm
> >pro-gun; this just seemed a manslaughter
> >level offense based on what I read of the case)
> Did you put this in because otherwise progun people would have flamed you?
That seems to be the modus operandus of the triggerhappy progun- to-anyone flamers on this list. They see a target, and shoot.
> Mostly, I am *told* I am in favor of regulating guns- very few people
> bother to ask - when i question their motives or sources.
> I have stated again and again that I am in favor of the constitutional right
> to carry a gun, but when i bring up unpleasantness or ask questions about
> gun's various cultural and social responses: