Re: META: How to survive reading this list

Gina Miller (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 22:54:27 -0700

Thank you Emlyn, I like your posts also. Gina

>I'm using the following scan for interesting posts:
>Anything by Gina Miller
>Anything by Anders
>Anything by Eliezer
>Anything by Damien Broderick (come on aussie)
>Anthing by anyone that I know/suspect has written a book (includes most
>og the above?)
>And anyone who puts up interesting ideas (Jeff Davis? All the people who
>put abstracts / links to websites up), lots of others, sorry to leave
>you all out).
>Subjects that don't have "re:" on the front
>messages in a thread (ie: re) for which the original message I read from
>Or anything which catches my eye as I (very quickly) skip over the rest.
>Damn, I don't think I made my own list
>The N in S/N
>Resolved to try a bit harder
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