META: How to survive reading this list

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 11:16:11 +1000

Between 11 May 99 (start of property rights fiasco) and 4 June 99 inclusive (minus the odd message that
I might have accidentally deleted):

	Posts with "guns" in the subject: 293
	Posts with "property rights" in the subject: 257
	Total Posts: 1374

Between 28 May 99 (random closer date) and 4 June 99
	Posts with "guns" in the subject: 292

> Posts with "property rights" in the subject: 149
Total Posts: 716 Today (4 june only) Posts with "guns" in the subject: 25 Total Posts: 77

These coarse criteria have missed a lot of posts on the same (futile) subjects. But the signal to noise is getting worse: I think that the signal to noise is getting worse too.

Now I'm all for noise, otherwise I'd be mute. However, this is getting too horrible and dull: as much as I love a bit of abuse between two strangers (who will forget the first appearance of "fucking nimrod" in the guns posts) even I can't get excited by the guns messages anymore.

I'm using the following scan for interesting posts:

Anything by Gina Miller
Anything by Anders
Anything by Eliezer
Anything by Damien Broderick (come on aussie) Anthing by anyone that I know/suspect has written a book (includes most og the above?)
And anyone who puts up interesting ideas (Jeff Davis? All the people who put abstracts / links to websites up), lots of others, sorry to leave you all out).
Subjects that don't have "re:" on the front messages in a thread (ie: re) for which the original message I read from above.
Or anything which catches my eye as I (very quickly) skip over the rest.

Damn, I don't think I made my own list

The N in S/N
Resolved to try a bit