Re: racism pollutes the extropian list

dwayne (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 15:54:15 +1000

"O'Regan, Emlyn" wrote:

> I think if people's personal attacks on each other could make people
> laugh until it hurt, no-one would be quite so cranky about the whole
> flamewar problem, because it wouldn't be so boring.
> The key is probably to drop all pretense at rational debate, and just
> get down to some good old character assassination. But its got to be
> stylish! We are talking innuendo, double entendre (can I even spell
> it?), or maybe proving that postors are actually (failing) turing test
> candidates.

Absolutely. Well-written flames are hysterically funny. Not that mine was, I just felt like saying it.



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