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Anders Sandberg (
02 Jun 1999 20:12:56 +0200 writes:

> >immortality. If we acheive it, will we loose the ability to defend ourselves
> with deadly force as a result?
> In a possible future where we have the means to put an end to death, future
> posthumans would be unlikely to call this an "ability' - but some sort of
> neanderthal recession into pre-posthuman primate memes.

It depends on the form of immortality - just absence of aging and most diseases don't protect us from falling pianos, and the ability to take backup copies will likely change the relative need for protection with deadly force.

> OK, THOUGHTS: if the advances in medicine and extropy have given us
> the ability to reanimate and/or rejuvenate living tissue, putting
> people to death would hardly be a solution to any encroachment upon
> personal property or bodily harm.

It might depend on society's outlook; death penalties and permanent murder may become much stronger negative things, while a bit of maiming is seen as merely character building ("I'm trying to reach the coast with a broken leg and punctured lung, for the authentic feeling of recreating the lost Stepleton expedition"). For example, in Varely's _Steel Beach_ bloodsports are fairly trivial entertainment most of the time, since the participants rarely die (except when they are adding death as an extra spice).

> Thought: perhaps bodily harm (if one can repair through "body
> work") will be seen as *less* of a crime, or considered more of a litiganous
> (SP?) one, rather than a violent one.

Maybe vandalism? "He broke my designer body, I had to use a Hertz rental the whole week!"

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