Re: Re: Cryonics propaganda...
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 11:11:06 EDT

>immortality. If we acheive it, will we loose the ability to defend ourselves
with deadly force as a result?

In a possible future where we have the means to put an end to death, future posthumans would be unlikely to call this an "ability' - but some sort of neanderthal recession into pre-posthuman primate memes.

> If it is seen as common that all are immortal, and that immortality is some
sort of right, would not imposing death of any kind be seen as too excessive to allow as a punishment for a crime or for a defense against a criminal in the act. Thoughts, anyone?

OK, THOUGHTS: if the advances in medicine and extropy have given us the ability to reanimate and/or rejuvenate living tissue, putting people to death would hardly be a solution to any encroachment upon personal property or bodily harm. Thought: perhaps bodily harm (if one can repair through "body work") will be seen as *less* of a crime, or considered more of a litiganous (SP?) one, rather than a violent one.