Re: POLL, and collaborative filtering

Sasha Chislenko (
Sat, 29 May 1999 15:48:57 -0500

At 11:07 AM 5/29/99 , Elizabeth Childs wrote:

>There are also several collaborative filtering systems for e-mail, and
>an even wider selection of newsreaders:
>Anybody have a favorite collaborative filtering programs? I haven't
>tried any of these out yet. I would think that if we were all using the
>same system, it would be more effective, since the program would have
>more data to work with.

If anybody find anything decent there, _please_ let me know.

Unfortunately, most systems (all I know from this list) either are dead, or are small/old experimental projects for obscure newsreaders (like nn), or are non-collaborative, or turned into something else.

I started my own Newsfilter project that is currently at the very beginning of practical development, but I hope it has a bright future. It is public and open-source, web-based, at least in the first stage, will have collaborative and concept filtering in staged implementations.

The funding for this project has been provided by my company, Intelligenesis Corp., the coding work is performed by the Russian E-spaces <> team.

There is also a distributed Newsfilter group that debates features of this project in its own mailing list.

If you want to help define this service and take part in developing it, please visit the URL below and share your opinions.

I also have a number of texts (see Semantic Web, ACF and Semantic Transports, Message Rating Proposal articles on my site) on the perspectives of semantic filtering, and originally hoped for the extropians to take a more active position than hoping that somebody else sometime will develop some intelligent knowledge filters. But the main thing, it has a good plan, finally, a good team, and it's starting.

Wanna help?

Alexander Chislenko <> Newsfilter page: <>