Re: POLL, and collaborative filtering

Elizabeth Childs (
Sat, 29 May 1999 09:07:45 -0700

I don't mind. I just killfile anything on this list with "guns" or "property rights" anywhere in the body. And I can do that with the Netscape mail program for Windows, so I assume that almost any program can manage killfiling.

No, it's not perfect, and occasionally maybe I miss something, but it's a pretty painless solution.

There are also several collaborative filtering systems for e-mail, and an even wider selection of newsreaders:

Anybody have a favorite collaborative filtering programs? I haven't tried any of these out yet. I would think that if we were all using the same system, it would be more effective, since the program would have more data to work with.

James Ganong wrote:
> Well, we've polled for birth order & Myers-Briggs ratings, so how about:
> How many people are sick of the guns flamewar, at least for now?
> Also, how many would like to see:
> --minimal quoting of prior messages in the aforementioned flamewar?
> --at the very least, a decrease in profanity & assertions concerning the
> moral, mental & genetic shortcomings of the opposition by both sides in
> the aforementioned flamewar?
> I'll tally the data.