Possible huge business

Brian Atkins (brian@posthuman.com)
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 07:13:05 -0400

I have seen this attitude a lot over the past several months (in myself too)... ideas pop up, seem wonderful, but the person envisioning it does not have the wherewithal to just do it. Seems that if there was some kind of company that would pay people for ideas, and then use its resources to develop them that it could really make some dough. Like Hollywood paying writers for scripts- the writers don't make much cash, but writing is what they love; the studios make all the $$$. Hmmm

Sasha Chislenko wrote:
> At 12:59 AM 6/1/99 , dwayne wrote:
> > > Wanna help?
> >
> >Yeah, but last time I mentioned something like this you accused me of
> >claiming authorship of your idea, and I can't be bothered with someone
> >so noided. but I'll wander over and take a look.
> Don't remember that. Don't know what noided means. I wrote my first
> proposal in 1991. It wasn't complete. Maybe you wrote yours earlier.
> Or I thought you wrote it later. Whatever. After last time whoever mentioned
> it I was doing a lot of work on it, and so now there is a spec, developers,
> mailing list, and funding. I don't care who did what when, I am sick of
> nagging people for years to do anything, I don't need anymore publicity
> from it or anything else, you can have the whole fucking project with all
> the materials for all I care. I don't even want to do this work anymore,
> I never like playing one game for more than a few months.
> It just has to be done. Should have been done many years ago.
> It's frustrating to the extreme to attempt any useful work on this stupid
> planet.
> I promise i will dig in priorities and accusations of accusations if
> anybody wants it, as long as the things move forward.
> Want to work now? Anybody else?
> Tired,
> S.

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