Re: POLL, and collaborative filtering

Sasha Chislenko (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 05:59:17 -0500

At 12:59 AM 6/1/99 , dwayne wrote:
> > Wanna help?
>Yeah, but last time I mentioned something like this you accused me of
>claiming authorship of your idea, and I can't be bothered with someone
>so noided. but I'll wander over and take a look.

Don't remember that. Don't know what noided means. I wrote my first proposal in 1991. It wasn't complete. Maybe you wrote yours earlier. Or I thought you wrote it later. Whatever. After last time whoever mentioned it I was doing a lot of work on it, and so now there is a spec, developers, mailing list, and funding. I don't care who did what when, I am sick of nagging people for years to do anything, I don't need anymore publicity from it or anything else, you can have the whole fucking project with all the materials for all I care. I don't even want to do this work anymore, I never like playing one game for more than a few months. It just has to be done. Should have been done many years ago. It's frustrating to the extreme to attempt any useful work on this stupid planet.

I promise i will dig in priorities and accusations of accusations if anybody wants it, as long as the things move forward.

Want to work now? Anybody else?