dr suess on the loose...

Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Thu, 27 May 1999 23:18:53 -0700

> Doug Bailey wrote ...Additionally, it would be nice to
> see messages on this list other than badly argued positions about property
> rights and gun control....

Yes, thanks Doug. Every time these viruses get loose on extropians, I try to get scarce for a while. {8^D

Has anyone here thought out this meme: perhaps the *most* important influences in our lives are not family and friends, but the books we read as children? These plant memes early, when they have the most impact on our developing synaptic interconnections.

Extropians started down this road at least once before I think, then were distracted by whizzing bullets.

The question was "If one book, which and why?" Someone argued that if the question is interpreted as which book had the most *impact*, it might well be a Dr. Seuss work, or equivalent. This notion might explain a few things at least in my case. {8^D spike