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Due to the interest and empathy for the Bailey statements, I'll elaborate a little more. My flight landed just in time for the friday night reception. We all met at the knowhere store. We were told to retrieve our name tags and were allowed to mingle for a while. We were then informed of our tasks, select a few groups to be involved in for each of the following days. These included topics from MEMEs to biotech, I don't want to divulge to much information, only because there may be more that evolves out of our meeting. I was overstimulated, of course that's a good thing. I met some interesting people there, and heard some solutions thrown out verbally across a room that were impressive. Some idea's were just worked out into it's realistic place, even one of mine I realized in conversation wouldn't work. We closed with some predictions for the future and one person at a time spoke a report of what had been achieved their group. I was glad to be there.There were computers and great food all over, the motel was nice too. Merkle was informative, and entertaining, Drexler, well what can I say, one to never forget!! Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
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>Gina wrote:
>> Do you mean the recent "Gathering" I attended?
>Yes, I believe Gene was referring to your indication that you were to
>the Foresight Group Genius assembly. I think we would all be interested in
>hearing the substance of that assemblage. Additionally, it would be nice
>see messages on this list other than badly argued positions about property
>rights and gun control.
>Doug Bailey